Try Your Rover Offroad (TYRO)

TYRO Trials and the Weather

Because of the specific sites we use for our TYRO trials, the ground is very sensitive to the previous days & weeks weather & although we are quite happy to trial in bad weather, unfortunately the ground conditions can change so that there is a major risk of damage to vehicles – which we can’t permit as it’s against the non-damaging intent of TYRO trials.

For this reason, we don’t accept Pre-booking of entries for TYRO trials and only take entry payments “on the day”.
We ask potential competitors to ideally let us know before the event that they’re interested in competing (We don’t take it as a commitment, it just gives a guide for potential quantities of drivers).

We ask potential drivers to check via our Facebook page the day before the event if it’s still on to avoid wasted travelling time to an event we may have cancelled.

TYRO Results