CCV Time trials

Time Trials are a new addition to MROC events.
Ref the MSA Blue Book, the definition of a Cross Country (4x4) Time Trial is :
A trial taking place on one area of private ground in which the marking during the event is mainly based upon the ability of competitors to climb hills or traverse difficult sections non-stop, but where the results are decided predominantly by the time taken to traverse those sections.
The quick summary is that it’s basically a CCV Trial, but timed. As such, it can be exciting for both competitors & spectators !
A Time Trial has similarities with Competitive Safaris (a.k.a. “Comps.”), but unlike in Comps, there are multiple individual sections of 320m length max & the average speed used to set the target time is based on 22mph max (For comparison a Comp. typically has a single course of length upto a few miles & with a target average speed set based on upto 50 mph).

Compared to our more typical untimed CCV Trials, there are additional mandatory Regulation requirements to maximise safety. The main ones are that competitors must wear MSA approved crash helmets & must have an MSA Competition Licence (Minimum of Non-Race, Clubman). It’s also recommended that competitors use full harness seat belts rather than just a lap belt.

An MROC CCV Time Trial can normally be entered by any paid-up member of MROC or another ALRC registered Land Rover Club. There may be exceptions to this, so always read the event SRs (Supplementary Regulations) !

Entry Fees for Time Trials may be slightly higher than typical untimed events due to various additional costs. Again, please read the event invite & / or SRs for specific info.
As for most of our trials, entering in advance via our Pre-Booking System helps ensure you get on the entry list, gives you a small discount & allows us to pre-plan an event better.
“On the Day” entry may also be possible dependant on whether the entry list is already full or not (payment then needs to be cash). The Pre-Booking system does require an entrant to have a PayPal account.

Pre-Booking Events
Pre-Booking of entries is possible for most of our events upto 1 day before the event.

To Pre-book follow the relevant link next to the event  title on the Calendar page or this page (it’s usually only visible for events in the near future).
Non MROC members please quote an abbreviation for their club name where the form asks for Membership number or ask via email or Facebook if you need pre-booking assistance.
Email contact : .

Time Trial Events


Next event : Sunday, 27th Jan. Open CCV TT at Binegar Quarry, BA3 4TJ , Organised by Somerset & Wilts LRC. See their website at or Facebook page.

5th November 2018 : MROC Time Trial at Newman’s Quarry : For overall Results, please see below.

Event Timing Info, Regulations etc

Timing and event specific Regulations is included within the SRs.
As we are an ALRC member Club, we operate in-line with the Rules & Regulations in the ALRC Green Book. Details about vehicle eligibility etc can be found on the ALRC website at

Spectators Information

Click here for spectators information

Spectators welcome, but please obey Marshals instructions for your & others safety.

Trials Cancellation

Trials may be cancelled / changed at short notice for a variety of reasons beyond our control
(Land owner request, ground conditions unsuitable, insufficient competitors etc).

Please check the Website / Facebook Group before setting off for a trial in case of any cancellations / major changes.
It’s always easier for us to let people know of such changes if you can let us know beforehand you may be coming, it isn’t treated as a commitment !

2018 Time Trial Results