About the MROC


The MROC (Midland Rover Owners' Club) is the club for all Rover owners around the Midlands - and we have members worldwide too!

The Midland Rover Owners' Club can rightfully claim to be the senior club in the ALRC. The Land Rover Owners' Club was formed at a meeting early in 1954, which was attended by about a dozen enthusiasts. With the backing of the Rover Company, the Club grew and other centres were established.

In 1967 the Club was reorganised and the Rover Company formed the Rover Owners' Association, which is now the ALRC (Association of Land Rover Clubs). The MROC has been one of the largest clubs in the Association since its inception. 

Regular social, green-lane and competitive events are held throughout the year.


Caravanning and Camping
Quite a large number of club members enjoy the caravan rallies, which are held from January to December. Some meetings are quiet and peaceful, whilst others are linked to competitive events.
MROC's Recovery is a popular section of the club, supplying drivers and vehicles for recovery and transport purposes at events such as point to points, hill trials, charity events, or any event where the organisers require a transport facility or vehicle recovery facilities - especially under off-road conditions.
A relatively new section set up to assist our local communities when they are in need, usually severe weather related but assistance is offered for any civil emergency such as area evacuation or transport in the event of serious accident not easily accessible by road.  Working in partnership with local authorities to enable them to continue delivering some of their essential services when required, trained & DBS checked volunteers offer a 24/7 callout in the West Midlands and adjoining counties.
Play Days
Club Open Days, or Play Days, are organised on a regular basis to give drivers a chance to drive their vehicles off-road, keeping as clean or getting as muddy as they like! Usually open to non-members and other marques of vehicle too.
Green Lanes
Green lane trips are a regular feature, carefully organised by the MROC Rights Of Way Officer. These can be driving days or weekends and are great fun, with friendly people and fantastic countryside views.
Road Taxed Vehicle Trials (RTV’s)
RTV’s are the first real stage in off-road competition. They are designed to be non-damaging and require no modifications to vehicles in order to take part. A series of set courses are driven, points are given per section, with prizegiving at the end of the day.
Cross-Country Vehicle Trials (CCVT’s)
CCVT’s mean that the vehicle has to be fitted with a roll-cage and meet ALRC (Association of Land Rover Clubs) specifications. Similar to, but tougher than RTV, a series of set courses are driven, again with points given per section and prizegiving at the end of the day.
Comp Safari and Time Trials
The MROC does not currently lay out these trials due to their specialised nature.


Club / Members :
The Club is one of the largest Land Rover related clubs in the UK, with over 250 members spread around the West Midlands & some much further afield and even outside of the UK.
Of the 250 members perhaps up to 100 participate in the different activities.
Some join just because there can be insurance reductions for being part of an owners club !
Members own Land Rover vehicles from 1940’s Series 1s, through Defenders, Discoverys, Freelanders & Range Rovers / Range Rover Sports through to competition “Specials” based on a Land Rover chassis & running gear.

Events :
We describe ourselves as primarily for off-road RTV & CCV trials competitions, caravanning / camping & socialising.
However, we also do TYRO trials competitions, Greenlaning events & support vehicle Recovery / 4x4 Response activities for other organisations / special events – but at reduced frequency per year.
(RTV = Road Taxed Vehicle, CCV = Cross Country Vehicle, TYRO = Try Your Rover Off-road)

Greenlaning :
MROC typically organises 2 or 3 Greenlaning events each year. They normally take place within a radius of approx. 100 miles of Birmingham. A couple of areas covered in the past have included North Derbyshire, Shropshire & Warwickshire & involved some fantastic lanes & scenery.
Many of the lanes are well “off the beaten track”, although legal byways & would typically not be found in a normal 2wd car.
We would never organise Greenlaning where there is a high likelihood of body damage. However, it is possible that overgrown lanes could cause minor scuffing of paintwork, but we always warn beforehand if there’s a risk & provide an alternative route around it, as we recognise that not all our members want the “well worn” look to their Land Rover & many do have vehicles with bodywork that is in extremely good condition that they want to remain that way.
Typically we meet up close to an agreed start point for 9am & aim to get back @ 6pm or so.

Pay & Play Days :
The Club does NOT normally organise these directly as the sites available are usually well advertised & easily contacted by members directly & will allow virtually anyone with an off-roader to turn up on the day – as individuals or a group. However, we know some club members do get together themselves & arrange visits to local Pay & Play sites such as Avon Dassett, Sibbertoft etc.
The Club does organise what we call a Driver Training day maybe once per year as a more disciplined approach to learning a little about how to drive your 4x4 off-road. At these, we have experienced drivers available to provide guidance & the event is marshalled to ensure minimal chance of accidents / vehicle damage due to driver exuberance etc !
This event is usually mid-year, when more consistent weather is likely & is open to non-members & even non Land Rover 4x4s.

Competitive Trials :
If you are a beginner to off-roading / inexperienced with your Land Rover or have a relatively standard vehicle, our TYRO trials and RTV trials can be a useful introduction.
Both TYRO & RTV should be non-damaging to the vehicle, but RTV does involve slightly more risk, along with an increased driving challenge.
We also organise CCV off-road trials – for significantly modified vehicles or Land Rover based “Specials” (all requiring Roll Cages). These also include the very high level 2 day Major’s Memorial CCV Trial in Sept. each year.
If you’re not familiar with off-road trials competitions, they are a combination of test for driver skill & vehicle capability & involve driving a pre-set course marked out by canes on either side, with the course increasing in driving severity as you get further (due the nature of the ground or obstacles), making it increasingly more difficult to keep moving forwards).
Typically 8 or so separate courses are driven during a day & a winner is identified based on the driver who’s got the furthest on the most courses.
They’re a good social event as well as testing driving skill & for an RTV trial typically we’ll have from 10 ~ 25 vehicles competing. Vehicles run through the courses one at a time after the drivers have had a brief period to walk through the course to understand the route.
While one car is on the course, other drivers spectate (& offer “helpful” tips to their friends driving - lol !).
TYRO trials can be entered by any Land Rover 4x4 with no likelihood of damage. Drivers enter in vehicles from Series 1s, through Defenders, Discoverys & right up to Range Rover Sports.
If you’re already used to Greenlaning, you might find them a bit “tame”, but if not, they’re a good intro.
RTV - in theory - can be entered with a factory standard vehicle, however, we wouldn’t suggest doing this as the majority of vehicles entered have various modifications to make them more capable off-road.
As an example, I have a Discovery 2 – which I use in our & other clubs RTV competitions. To make it more capable, I’ve increased the vehicle height slightly, with stiffer suspension & added Mud Terrain tyres. It also has a modified front bumper & protection plates added to the steering & axle differentials to eliminate likelihood of damage.
A “factory standard” long wheel base, heavy-ish vehicle such as Discovery or Range Rover would face the risk of bumper damage & getting stuck early in the courses without these types of modification - as the front bumper is much more vulnerable than eg Series or Defenders & the vehicle can weigh upto ½ ton more.
Series & Defenders can & do often enter with only modification to use Mud Terrain tyres – due their more “robust” nature !
Spectating at RTVs can be a good way of initially “learning by watching” as the drivers are open to requests for passenger rides & being asked how they do things !
It’s also very surprising to see how well the (almost) standard vehicles perform.
Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that we are part of the UK Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC) & have to work within their rules which restrict the type of modifications to vehicles that are allowed to compete (because they’re believed not safe or that they give too much of an advantage).
Please contact us before joining if your vehicle is already significantly modified to ensure you will be permitted to compete !
Eg. : Modifications that we know are often done, such as tubular front bumpers, wheel spacers or suspension dislocation cones are not currently allowed & you may get much less benefit from the club’s activities if you have these mods.
This does not affect Greenlaning – only competitive events.
RTV & CCV trials are typically monthly – apart from the summer holiday period of July / August & TYROs usually 2 or 3 times / year.
TYRO event entry cost is ~£20, RTV & CCV entry £25, both with reductions for on-line pre-booking. Spectating is free !
The trials occur at different venues around the Midlands, typically using each venue once per year.
Caravanning weekends :
Typically 5 or 6 a year are held & can be anywhere in the UK. They are a good excuse to get out into the countryside & socialise with likeminded members / friends.

Social :
Social evenings (Drinks & a chat for members & family) we try to ensure are monthly – unless we’re told no-one is coming along !
They’re usually the first Friday of the month & currently often held at a large pub just off junction 3 of the M42 south of Birmingham.
Drinks & skittles takes place in Studley approx. every 3 months.
Family is welcome & we can guarantee not all the conversation is Land Rover related !
We’ll be holding a few socials further north around the M42 & west of Birmingham in the future to get a little nearer other members.
We hold combined trials & social events at Eastnor Castle (Near Ledbury) typically twice a year – Spring & Autumn. Many people camp or caravan overnight or longer & we usually have caterers selling food & drink during the day & evening.

4x4 Response Group :
We have a volunteer sub-group of 4x4 vehicle owners who offer their time and vehicles to assist in emergency situations where the use of four wheel drive vehicles are required.  DBS checked, trained and experienced drivers provide 24/7 support to the Local Authorities, Emergency Services and other Agencies in Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire to support our local communities.
We have a separate website at www.mroc4x4response.co.uk if you’d like more info.

Club Journal :
The club publishes a Journal most months – typically including club news, write-ups by attendees at recent events, associated photos, latest events calendar, Club Exec. contact details, members For Sale adverts etc.
Members receive copies as an inclusive part of membership.

Facebook :
You've obviously found our website, so have some idea of what we do.
We also have facebook page called “Midland Rover Owners Club (MROC)”, which you may find useful.
It's a "Closed" Group, but anyone can join it without being a paid-up club member.
Select the "Join Group" option & we'll normally approve the application within 24 hrs.

Other :
If you’re new to the Land Rover “scene” & as you need to be paid up club member to compete, we'd recommend coming along to social events & competitive events as a spectator before even joining the club or starting to modify a vehicle - as it can be a good way of identifying what interests you before getting carried away spending money.
It also allows discussion of whether your vehicle would be suitable as it is, or the type of modifications that could be required to enjoy yourself while competing!
You can also ask us any questions you’d like via email / facebook before visiting / joining.

Membership :
You've probably seen from the website that paid membership costs £30 for a full year.
This reduces to £25 for subsequent years.
The membership year starts at the beginning of March & runs through until end of Feb. the following year. If you join between 1st October up to 31st December, the cost reduces to £20 for the part-year.
Family membership is available for spouses or partners & children @ £15 or £10 if joining between 1st October up to 31st December. Family membership is not necessary unless the family member(s) wants to passenger in the vehicle in competitive events (RTV, TYRO & CCV).
[It's needed in these circumstances to ensure everyone is covered by the Club's 3rd Party insurance].
Family membership is NOT necessary for social or Greenlaning events.
If you’re ready to join, you can do that directly via the website, where you can pay via BACS or PayPal. If paying via BACS, you need to make the payment separately by contacting your bank.
The on-line form is slightly unfriendly if you want to add family members at the same time as joining yourself. If you’d like better instructions how to proceed, please ask via the “Request Information” menu item until we can modify the website further.
We have an easy to arrange Direct Debit option also available for membership renewals in subsequent years.
If you want to pay via cheque, please select the “Apply / Renew by Post” menu on the website, print / fill-out the application form & post with a cheque as per the instructions on the form.
We normally process applications within a few days & send out membership cards etc within a week.

If you’ve got any additional questions before proceeding, please don’t hesitate to ask !